Revolutionize Your Retail Banking: Overcome Teller Challenges with ARGO Solutions

Every day, I get to talk with major retail banks of all sizes, from top 10 to regional, who tell me they experience the same five primary challenges regarding their current teller solution. In over my 36 years in retail banking, including 16 years here with ARGO, some of our primary issues financial institutions feel challenged with are:

  • First operational reliability. How do we maximize system uptime, and can we stop outages before they actually happen?
  • Next, there’s processing efficiency. How do we simplify workflow, minimize how many times we’re having to handle the documents, and can we actually reduce costs in this area?
  • Then there’s compliance. How do we minimize our compliance risk, automate cash aggregation, simplify processing, and get CTRs filed in one single solution?
  • How do we detect fraudulent activity quicker and minimize our fraud losses?
  • Finally, there’s customer insights. How do we deepen our relationships with our customers, and how do we fully engage them regardless of who they’re working with?

I’ve already implemented solutions to address these challenges with many of my customers. Would you like to know how I’ve solved for these?

Let’s start with operational reliability. We have insights into your environments. With over 250 operational KPIs and our specially trained technical support experts, we predict likely outages and/or potential issues up to 64% of the time. And we’ve been the first responder 75% of the time. We contact your teams directly, and then together, we’re able to resolve these issues before they affect your front-line operations.

Next, we have processing efficiency. Our strategy is to capture images at the front counter, and it’s one and done. 98% of the transactions are perfected, and no one ever needs to touch or view that item again. We systematically capture and display all relevant data, validate it, check for fraud and compliance, create virtual documents when needed, then electronically pass all of the data to our back office application for posting and presentment—all of this while tracking and maintaining every single item that’s processed. Oh, and as virtual documents? You’ll reduce your paper costs by up to 44%.

ARGO has also greatly simplified BSA AML compliance requirements by taking the pain out of the front office, as the solution does all of the work for you. All cash transactions are scrutinized for both CTR and MIL requirements across all your business lines. We aggregate by account, TIN, and even identification provided by your customer. Then we only present the conductor information up to the teller so that they can simply validate the pre-filled data. With a simple click, the CTR is created and filed directly with the regulatory agency. ARGO addresses internal and external fraud loss by providing real-time fraud analysis so potential issues are discovered instantly rather than waiting until the next day for someone to review and react. Relevant alerts are provided directly to the tellers at the time of the transaction so due diligence can be done. In addition, holds can be applied systematically, ensuring losses are minimized. Fraud alerts and images are routed to your trained personnel in the back office for additional review and validation.

And finally, ARGO provides a 360-degree view of the customer’s relationship. Your frontline employees have information at their fingertips to help them satisfy their customers’ needs, making their customers feel appreciated and, more importantly, valued.

Do these challenges sound like some you’ve had? I’m here to help you stop worrying about your teller challenges and start building on your strategic opportunities.

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