Solution: Omni Delivery Ecosystem

Introducing ARGO Connects

Does a rapidly evolving financial environment have you wondering how to:

  • Increase competitiveness in a digital-centric environment

  • Differentiate value along customer journey stages

  • Grow customer acquisition for deposits and lending

  • Expand Omni channel delivery capability

  • Balance digital / human asset allocation

  • Enhance customer relevance

  • Manage risk in a digital age

What if you could meet these challenges while optimizing revenue, improving operational efficiency, and reducing cost?

Digital Marketing detects and engages customers based on digitally sensed needs.

  • Detect presence and website navigation

  • Measure signal strength to quantify intent

  • Capture data to target early engagement

  • Increase influence with directed intelligent responses

  • Balance digital versus human engagement

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Customer Engagement translates full journey interaction into enhanced customer experience.

  • Listen to customer’s digitally sensed and self-disclosed needs

  • Respond with timely and relevant content

  • Engage reactively and proactively

  • Communicate via most effective methods and media

  • “Remember” prior interactions cross channel and enterprise-wide

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Omni Fulfillment strategy facilitates frictionless cross-channel capability.

  • Reduce application time-to-completion

  • Accelerate data capture

  • Increase efficiency with paperless and e-Signature

  • Automate credit decisioning for revenue lift and risk reduction

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Risk Management employs loss prevention strategies.

  • Authenticate and verify customer identification

  • Align credit risk management with institution policy

  • Ensure compliance with regulatory requirements

  • Mitigate transactional risk

  • Predict and report attrition risk as quantified by scoring analytics

  • Reduce abandonment risk through retargeting

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With decades of experience and elevated R&D spend driving a digital transformation business model, the ARGO Connects solution achieves these objectives:

  • Engaging customers earlier in the customer journey through migration from a passive website to a proactive detection

  • Advancing customer engagement around needs

  • Achieving Omni delivery for improved customer experience, better cost efficiency, better utilization of human assets in the branch/contact center, and improved deposit/lending fulfillment

Feedback surveys, market segmentation, lifetime value analytics, frictionless Omni-fulfillment, and automated decisioning augment and refine lending and deposit solutions.

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