Mastering Customer Engagement: Transforming Connections into Experiences

Quality customer engagement is a buzzword every organization seems to be chasing these days. Creating an emotional connection between customers and a brand is the gold standard of business. And millions of words have been written over the years, planning, strategizing, and crafting CRM tools, but almost no one in the banking industry is doing it effectively and certainly not at scale. Achieving a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace is one of the greatest challenges business faces. Meeting needs in personalized ways isn’t just about making a one-time connection. It’s about creating a strategic series of engagement that are relevant to customer’s needs, executed over time, and across channels that delivers a consistently exceptional experience. ARGO Connects gives you those tools.

Connects is dedicated to creating a quality customer experience, bringing all the technology you need into one cohesive whole that strategically engages over time, incorporating human and digital communications. The best part is Connects allows you to do it at scale. We do this using the detect, decide, and engage model. Our software detects prime opportunities to engage the customer, gathering information from multiple channels about their needs and interests, enabling highly relevant communications. Connects then uses that information to decide how to engage over time, determining the right mix of human and digital communication based on the complexity of the topic and your strategic focus to maximize banker capacity and effectiveness. And then Connects provides curated personalized engagement across multiple channels to deliver consistent consumer messaging and exceptional experiences. As an example, one engagement plan might include a series of emails on day one and two with a follow up on day seven, and then an arranged banker call on day 10 in alignment with those earlier touchpoints.

Connects contains a detailed library of engagement plan templates and decisioning rules based on best practices across the industry that support every step of the customer journey. These include sales campaigns, customer and account onboarding, customer satisfaction, financial education, abandonment retargeting, and attrition prevention. Decisioning rules and templates built into the heart of Connects enable you to create personalized engagement plans at scale, timed to deliver branded curated content and tailored to strategic priorities across multiple consumer segments. Empower your banking staff and deliver the best-in-class experience to your customers with Connects from ARGO.

Transform your customer engagement from routine to remarkable with ARGO Connects. Unleash the power of personalized, strategic interactions that resonate with your customers at every touchpoint. Embrace the future of banking where technology and human insight merge to create unparalleled customer experiences, all at scale. Don’t just meet expectations—exceed them.