Meeting Needs Anytime and Anywhere: Omni-channel Fulfillment

The fulfillment process in the purchase stage of the customer journey empowers customers to open accounts. Omni fulfillment meets the needs of your customers to open an account in their channel of choice, whether that be physical or digital, with an intuitive process and little to no friction. The good news is it also meets your institution’s key objectives to increase deposit and loan revenue, expand reach to acquire customers in their channel of choice, and ensure quality for the expanded volume of digital accounts leveraging automated decision, reduce the number of abandoned applications, improve efficiency at lower levels of risk, and deliver customer satisfaction.

As Director of Product Management for ARGO and a former banker with decades of experience in banking, including digital, I understand the challenges you face: the desire to delight customers and meet their expectations from anywhere at any time with a frictionless and satisfying experience is an industry-wide goal. To be successful, you have to expand your reach and acquire customers, generate and grow deposit and loan accounts, and reduce digital abandonment, all while being cost-efficient, mitigating risks, and satisfying the long list of regulatory and compliance requirements. While these challenges can be overwhelming and not every institution meets these objectives, it is achievable.

In my experience, a solution needs to address the following: understanding customer needs across all channels, verifying the authenticity of a customer’s ID, improving data quality, automating decisioning for both deposit and loan applications, timely re-engagement to reduce abandonment, routing and adjudicating items in real-time, ensuring a consistent compliant process, providing a variety of funding options, and easily onboarding new accounts to delight customers with a great experience.

ARGO Connects Omni fulfillment addresses these challenges and more. Omni fulfillment means meeting needs anywhere, anytime. Delivering through digital and physical channels gives your customer the freedom and flexibility to start, save, and resume in any channel or get assistance from a banker with full transparency of events for all parties. Channels are seamlessly integrated, effortlessly routing data between digital and human interactions. Collaboration and workflow easily change to meet the needs of any situation. Customer information and interaction history is available in a detailed, easily understandable view for the banker. This enables delivery of a high-quality customer experience to set your institution apart from the rest.

Omni delivery powers the fulfillment workflow, gathering information for personal and business customers for both deposit and lending products. It’s about providing a flexible solution for online, real-time, and workflow-based setup.

Regardless of channel, effective Omni fulfillment captures the application, retargets abandonments, automatically decisions applications, onboards accounts, and migrates customers to usage in one seamless process. It starts with data collection, customer identification, and verification. Next is due diligence, data validation, and compliance, including acquiring customer documentation, presenting disclosures and agreements, and capturing e-signatures. And finally, decisioning, funding, and onboarding. To put it another way, Connects Omni fulfillment satisfies your customers, improves fulfillment success, and empowers your staff to strengthen customer relationships.

Elevate your account opening experience with ARGO Connects Omni Fulfillment. Offer seamless service across digital and physical channels, enhancing customer satisfaction and boosting your institution’s revenue. Reduce application abandonment and streamline processes with our expertly designed solution. Transform your account fulfillment approach – contact us for more details.